The slow daddies heat up in the first round of the 2022 All England

The world number two men’s doubles pair, Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan, won the first round of the All England 2022 after overthrowing India’s representative MR Arjun/Dhruv Kapila, Wednesday (16/3/2022) night WIB.

Struggling hard in a three-game battle, The Daddies – nicknamed Ahsan/Hendra – managed to win after wading through a 52-minute battle and won 15-21, 21-12, and 21-18.

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Left behind in the first game to representatives of India 15-21, The Daddies who emerged as the second seed admitted that they moved too slowly while the opponent continued to launch attack after attack.

« Today is our first match, it was a bit difficult because in the first game the opponent kept pressing us while we moved slowly, » said Hendra in a post-match interview quoted from BWF, Wednesday (16/3).

Trying to refocus on the second and third sets, The Daddies managed to regain control of the game to win two sets 21-12 and 21-18.

« In the second and third sets we tried to get up and appear more aggressive. In the second and third sets we also tried to focus on our strategy and not think about points, we just focused on playing well to get points and win, » said Ahsan.

In line with Ahsan/Hendra, PP PBSI Men’s Doubles Head Coach Herry Iman Pierngadi revealed that The Daddies did not immediately heat up in the first set and made them lose their focus a little.

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« Yes, in the first game, Hendra / Ahsan could be said to be a bit careless. They are not yet in the pattern of the game because they are still adapting to the field, » said Herry in an official statement from PBSI.

With this victory, The Daddies will face Chinese representatives Liu Cheng/Zhang Nan who won victory over Denmark’s Jeppe Bay/Lasse Molhade 24-21 and 21-13. (Rif/PBSI/A-3)