The Story of the Luxurious Lifestyle of the French Nobles in Paris


Paris is a favorite destination for Indonesian travelers on their vacation in Europe. In addition, Paris is also known as the city of fashion, fashion center, and the center of the arts. As the most fashionable and fashionable city in the world, Paris Fashion Week is always held every year.

Fashion and fashion has become a culture in Paris, since the 18th century. Even at that time, in Paris there was already a minister in charge of fashion.
There were three social classes in France at that time, namely aristocrats, middle class or bourgeois, and peasants.

The king of France, Louis XV was very fond of beauty, he and his consort, Madame de Pompadour lived in the palace of Versailles. The most beautiful palace in Europe.
During the reign of Louis XV, all nobles had to live in Versailles, to be close to the king and easy to control. This nobleman’s job was only to accompany the king, wherever he went.

Palace of Versailles Photo: (Ristiyanti Handayani/d’Traveler)

The French aristocrats loved to live in luxury and were the most classy in Europe. This can be seen from the clothes, jewelry, perfume and hairstyles worn.
For example, Louis XV has 200 servants in his room.

His custom was that when he woke up from sleep, he raised his hand and a palace official immediately came with perfume to anoint his body, and another person came to put on his jewelry.

Kings and aristocrats every day lived a life of partying, a life of luxury costing millions of francs. King Louis XV lived extravagantly, he bought an assortment of beautiful gems for his new consort, Madame du Barry.

Eiffel Tower openedEiffel Tower Photo: (AP Photo/Michel Euler)

The bourgeois and peasants had to work hard, they were taxpayers, while the aristocrats were free from taxes. Nobles are tax collectors and are free to use as they please. Farmers live simply, they work every day on the farms belonging to the nobles.

The bourgeois lived in the city, they were jewelers, fashion designers, tailors, watchmakers, painters, writers, musicians, boulangere or bakers, hairdressers, makeup artists, who tried to innovate to produce the best work for kings and nobles. In 1774, Louis XV was succeeded by Louis XVI.

Louis XVI’s consort, Marie Antoinette, was also known to live a luxurious life and liked to do as she pleased, have fun and buy what she wanted. She is the most beautiful royal queen in Europe.

Marie Antoinette really loves the latest hairstyles. Her favorite hairstyle is La coiffure de la Liberte, which means a hairstyle in honor of the American revolution.

The nobility and the bourgeoisie in Paris were part of the fashion and fashion culture. The aristocrats were users of fashion and beautiful fashion, and the bourgeoisie tried to innovate to create something new that the aristocrats liked, so they were bought by the nobility. This is what distinguishes France from other European kingdoms.

On July 14, 1789 there was the French Revolution, the French government system changed from a monarchy to a republic, there were no longer social classes of nobility, bourgeouis or peasants. All French citizens have equal status and are guaranteed by the constitution. Even so, fashion and fashion in Paris has become a culture until this modern era.


Hari Suroto, archaeological researcher at the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN).

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