The Sweet Story Behind the Viral Grandpa Wants to Get Married Again With Children – Great-grandchildren


The story of a 65-year-old grandfather remarried by proposing to the woman he loves has gone viral on social media. Because the grandfather made a proposal with his entire family, from children to great-grandchildren.

The story of grandparents proposing to their future wives with their children and their great-grandchildren went viral after being uploaded by the TikTok account for the wedding planning service @kbswedding. In the video, the grandfather is accompanied by his extended family, ranging from children, sons-in-law and great-grandchildren to come to propose.

“Children, daughter-in-law, grandchildren and great-grandchildren drop off Grandpa (65 years old) proposes to the widow of his idol. Hopefully the application is accepted,” wrote the video description for the TikTok account @kbswedding.

When the grandfather’s family came, they were warmly welcomed by the family of the future wife at his house. The video shows the grandfather embarrassed when he arrived at his future wife’s house.

“Alhamdulillah, the family was warmly welcomed. His grandfather was shaking nervously back and forth to drink five bottles of water. Serious mode listens to the answer from the prospective wife,” Kbswedding said in his upload. The viral story CLICK HERE.

The application ceremony for Kiky’s biological father, the owner of the Kbsawedding wedding service. Photo: Doc. Kiky’s personal.

Wolipop has interviewed Kiky, as the owner of the TikTok account @kbswedding. Kiky said the 65-year-old man was his biological father, known as Grandpa Seger. He also took care of all the proposals until his father’s wedding.

“It’s a coincidence that Grandpa Seger is my biological father, as well as I am a wedding organizer who will take care of everything until the D-day,” said Kiky to Wolipop via WhatsApp, Thursday (25/5/2022).

Kiky said his father’s name is Seger and lives in Jombang, East Java. Grandpa Seger proposed to a widow named Granny Pasih who was 55 years old. Grandmother Pasih lives in Batu City, East Java.

This wedding planning service, who lives in Batu City, East Java, said that his father and mother did not know each other before. They only knew each other after an arranged marriage by their children and grandchildren.

“He has never met him, because he is the one who is looking for a mate for his children and grandchildren, who live in the city of Batu, East Java. Although they have never known and met but Alhamdulillah, they are both compatible. Fall in love from the first sight,” Kikki said.

Circulating viral video of a 65-year-old grandfather proposing to his future wife.Circulating viral video of a 65-year-old grandfather proposing to his future wife. Photo: Doc. A screenshot of the TikTok account @kbswedding.

Kiky also felt happy when he saw his father meeting his future wife. He revealed the reason for marrying father to grandmother Pasih.

“Frankly, we as children and grandchildren feel sorry to see Grandpa Seger is lonely in his own house, his five children are married and live with their respective husbands,” continued Kiky.

“Children and grandchildren can indeed be used as entertainment when we are lonely, but we are aware that there are things that we cannot give to parents, and can only be given by a life partner or wife. That’s why we children agreed to find a life partner,” he continued. .

The application ceremony for Kiky's biological father, the owner of the Kbsawedding wedding service.The application ceremony for Kiky’s biological father, the owner of the Kbsawedding wedding service. Photo: Doc. Kiky’s personal.

Kiky said the figure of a woman who would become his mother. He admires the figure of Ibu Pasih because she is almost similar to her biological mother.

“Mrs. Pasih is a widow, for four years her late husband left her. She is a good person, ngno adventurous, religious expert, patient, good at cooking, good at taking care of the household, basically the figure of a dream grandmother. Just like the figure of our late mother, Alviyah’s mother, she also died three years ago,” he recalled.

He added that his father worked as a farmer everyday and was a hard worker. “Father is kind, patient, humorous, expert in worship, good at cooking, strong, just my ideal grandfather,” he said.

Kiky hopes that her father or Grandpa Seger’s wedding preparations will run smoothly until the day of the ceremony and reception. The marriage contract is planned to be held in the near future in the month of Shawwal this year, at the bride’s house in Torongrejo Tutup Village, Batu City, East Java.