The True Story of Love Until Death, Woman Dies in Accident Like A Prospective Husband


This woman suffered a truly tragic fate. She died in an accident two months after her future husband died of the same cause. For two months left by her fiancé, she continued to mourn the departure of her future husband.

Through TikTok, the bride-to-be’s sister shared the sad story that her sister experienced. He told his sister named Hanis Nuraishah Nasuha (22 years) lamenting the departure of her lover, Muhammad Hakimi due to an accident on the highway.

According to Izzatul Khalida (25 years old), the couple will hold an engagement ceremony in April 2021, after four years of acquaintance. Fate said differently, Muhammad Hakimi was in a coma for one month and died in May 2021 at the Kuantan hospital, Pahang, Malaysia.

The woman who is familiarly called Suha revealed that Hanis continued to send messages to Hakimi via WhatsApp after her future husband died. He still sent messages even though he didn’t get a reply because Hakimi was gone.

The eldest of seven children, he said what made his heart ache even more when he learned that Hanis had died right on his birthday. He died in an accident, as happened to Hakimi.

« My sister died in an accident when she fell from a ravine while on her way home. We as a family were at home waiting for Hanis to come home because of preparations for his birthday, » recalled Suha.

Photo of Hanis (left) and Suha (right). Photo: Doc. master.

Suha, who is from Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia, felt strange when two days before Hanis died, she gave all the security codes of her cellphone.

« Take all the passwords for this account, I’m afraid there will be no more time to share. I’ve never opened Hanis’ cellphone before because it’s a personal thing, » recalled Suha.

Suha saw that on the WhatsApp application there was only Hanis’ conversation with Hakimi. Hanis is the fifth child in the family. Suha said her sister was showing strange signs before she left. But Suha did not think that it was a hunch.

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« Before my brother died, he showed many signs but you and your family took it for granted. In 44 days before he died, Hanis went to visit his late grandfather, grandmother and uncle. I saw the video on Hanis’ cellphone. He cried while stroking the tombstone « Sadly Suha.

« One day before he died, he was making a milk drink for the youngest brother and said ‘baby, drink the water that brother made. This is the last water for the baby brother’. Even then we still don’t realize why he is talking like that, » imitated Suha.

The sad story of a couple on social media.The sad story of Hanis’ departure. Photo: Doc. master.

Hanis’s passing leaves a deep sorrow for the family. Because Hanis is known to like helping other families.

« Hanis is close to all members of the family, but he is the closest to his father because he is a diligent son. He takes care of all the buffalo belonging to his father, until he has his own cattle. Work as a son, repairing broken tools, repairing broken roofs. Even if he can leak, we seem to have lost a place to depend, » said Suha quietly.

Suha deliberately uploaded the news of her sister through her TikTok account, because she wanted to inform the Hakimi family who had not heard the sad news.

« We didn’t know Hanis and Hakimi had a relationship until they died. You only found out about everything in his photo gallery and WhatApp. Don’t know why he kept this relationship a secret. Maybe because mom and dad are still strict and Hanis feels he’s still too young, » remembers Suha.

« I know in April 2021 they want to come with their family to propose to Hanis to our house. Hanis is already close to Hakimi’s family. We didn’t even know that Hanis and Hakimi had been dating for four years, » said Suha, who was surprised.

« Until now, the Hakimi family did not know that my sister had died. We have tried to find out the people around Hakimi, but have not found anything. Hanis keeps everything a secret, the Hakimi family has the right to know about my sister, » concluded Suha.

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