There is a logistical problem, the schedule for the Argentine GP has changed

Logistical problems experienced by the MotoGP team’s cargo transport plane caused the schedule for the Argentine GP, this weekend, to undergo changes.

MotoGP in an official statement, Thursday (31/3), said five cargo flights were scheduled to transport team equipment from Lombok, Indonesia, to Tucuman, near Termas de Rio Hondo in Argentina, the week after the Mandalika GP.

Due to two different problems that befell the two flights, the last cargo for the Argentine GP will only arrive in the South American country on Friday (1/4).

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The plane carried the cargo of teams from all classes of the FIM MotoGP world championship, so organizers had to change the schedule of all class sessions.

On Friday (1/4) there will be no activities because the free practice session for all classes has been postponed to Saturday (2/4) morning where there will only be two practice sessions before the Moto2 and Moto3 class qualifications, while the MotoGP class qualification will be held after the FP3 session.

The warm-up session will take place on Sunday (3/4) morning and each race will start on its original schedule.

There are five flights that transport cargo from Lombok to Termas. Three of the planes took the Lombok to Tucuman route with transits in Mombasa, Lagos, and Brazil. While the other two planes from Lombok to Doha then to Accra in Ghana before going to Tucuman.

A series of logistical problems occurred on Wednesday (23/3) when one of the five planes encountered problems while transiting in Mombasa.

The first plane that had arrived in Tucuman returned to Lombok to transport other cargo, and unfortunately the flight also encountered technical problems during transit, Wednesday (30/3) evening.

Until Thursday (31/3) morning Argentina time, one cargo was still stuck in Mombasa because the plane was waiting for equipment to fly again.

The plane is scheduled to take off on Thursday (31/3) evening and travels the Mombasa route to Lagos and Brazil before arriving in Tucuman on Friday (1/4).

The following is the schedule for the Argentine Grand Prix:

Saturday (2/4) (time in WIB)

18:45-19:25 Moto3 Free Practice 1

19:40-20:20 Moto2 Free Practice 1

20:35-21:20 MotoGP Free Practice 1

21:35-22:15 Moto3 Free Practice 2

22:30-23:10 Moto2 Free Practice 2

23:25-00:10 MotoGP Free Practice 2

00:35-00:50 Moto3 Qualifying Practice 1

01:00-01:15 Moto3 Qualifying Practice 2

01:30-01:45 Moto2 Qualifying Practice 1

01:55-01:10 Moto2 Qualifying Practice 2

02:25-02:55 MotoGP Free Practice 3

03:05-03:20 MotoGP Qualifying Practice 1

03:30-03:45 MotoGP Qualifying Practice 2

Sunday (3/4)

20:00-20:10 Moto3 Warm Up

20:20-20:30 Moto2 Warm Up

20:40-21:00 MotoGP Warm Up

22:00 Moto3 Race (21 laps)

23:20 Moto2 Race (23 laps)

01:00 MotoGP Race (25 laps) (Ant/OL-1)