There is a unique iron taste candy, when eaten it tastes like blood


In Japan there is a traditional candy known as kompeito. This candy is made with iron taste, when tasted it tastes like fresh blood. Wow!

Kompeito is one of the traditional Japanese sweets. This candy has a hard texture and a sweet taste. Usually this candy comes in a choice of refreshing fruit flavors. But there are also compeito makers who dare to bring candy with extreme flavors.

Reporting from Soranews (30/3) kompeito is made from raw sugar which is processed in a special way so that the texture is hard. To attract attention, compeito is made in various colors and flavors.

Unique Candy with Iron Flavor Photo: Soranews

A hotel in Japan offers unique compeito sweets. At Hotel Chigusa, compeito candy is made with iron flavour.

The Yahata Steel Works steel mill was founded in 1896 and 90 percent of Japan’s steel production is carried out by this plant. Known for its contribution to Japan’s modernization and rapid economic growth, the steel mill was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015.

Chigusa Hotel decided to make an iron-flavored compeito as a way to celebrate the crowning of Yahata Steel Works as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This unique candy is claimed to be the first iron-flavored candy in the world.

When you bite into this candy, it feels like you are biting hard steel and has a distinctive taste. Interestingly, some people who have tried this candy say it tastes like blood.

When this candy goes into the mouth, people feel as if their gums are bleeding. Though originally this candy was made to present the sensation of iron taste.

Not only one person said the sensation of this candy tasted of blood, but almost everyone who tasted it said that eating this candy was like eating blood-flavored candy. Even the sweet or sour taste of this candy is masked by the dominant iron taste.

Iron Flavor Unique CandyUnique Candy with Iron Flavor Photo: Soranews

This iron-flavored candy isn’t the only thing unique. Previously there had also been candy that came with a strange taste. There are Bean Boozled candies which in one package contain various strange flavors. According to many people, this candy has a taste like wood, grass, a fishy taste and even a fart taste.

There are also sweets made with aromatherapy oil flavors. Eucalyptus oil flavored candy is actually popular as a snack to ward off nausea.

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