These 4 Foreigners Compare Indonesian and Overseas KFC, Which Is Delicious?


It turns out that many foreigners are curious about the taste KFC Indonesia. They try and compare the taste with the KFC that is in their home country.

KFC is a fast food restaurant chain from the United States which is very well known in the world. This outlet offers a menu of famously delicious crispy fried chicken.

KFC outlets also widely spread in Indonesia. Many people like fried chicken from KFC, it even has the tagline ‘Jagonya Ayam’.

KFC in Indonesia, of course, has a difference with outlets abroad. One of them is seen in the chicken rice menu offered by KFC Indonesia. Rice menu will not be found in other countries.

Curious about the taste of KFC Indonesia, some foreigners make content comparing KFC. Many of them also say that Indonesian KFC menu is much better.

Here are 4 foreigners who tried KFC Indonesia.

1. YouTuber Conner Sullivan

Foreigners Compare Indonesian KFC with Overseas KFC Photo: YouT

YouTuber Conner Sulliven is from America. About 3 years ago, Sullivan visited Bali for a vacation. During his vacation, Sullivan was curious as to whether the taste of KFC in Indonesia was the same as America.

He uploaded the moment in a video on YouTube (5/3/2019). « It’s still 3am and I’m going to try ‘American food’ in a different country. I’ll try KFC and see if it’s the same as American KFC? » Sullivan said in the video.

« When I look at the menu, the different thing I can see is rice. I don’t think they will serve rice at KFC America. And there is also chocolate, matcha, drinks that I don’t find in America, » commented Sullivan when he saw the Indonesian KFC menu.

Sullivan ordered cakes as a KFC menu that only exists in Indonesia. He also ordered a package menu of chicken rice and chocolate pudding. When trying the cakes, Sullivan seemed to like them. « Hey, these (cakes) are pretty good, » he said.

« KFC’s fried chicken is also quite delicious, especially with the addition of this chili sauce. Eating here must also use your hands directly, » he explained.

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