These 5 Delicious Ketoprak Carts in Depok Get High Ratings on the Ojol App


The delicious taste of ketoprak is hard to resist. If you are a ketoprak lover, detikfood recommends 5 delicious ketoprak carts in Depok that are worth a try. The seller gets a high rating on the online motorcycle taxi application (ojol).

Ketoprak is a typical food which is now popular in many areas. Ketoprak is classified as a ‘one dish meal’ that satisfies the taste buds. The contents are complete, from carbohydrates, proteins, to vegetables.

A plate of ketoprak contains rice cake, bean sprouts, white tofu, and of course a sprinkle of peanut sauce. Buyers can order the level of spiciness of the peanut sauce. This seasoning is then a characteristic of the enjoyment of each ketoprak seller.

If you’re in Depok, you can also taste delicious ketoprak. Ketoprak These are sold on carts, so they are often called ketoprak carts. Although the location of the sale is on the street, the customers never subside.

This ketoprak seller even got good reviews on the GrabFood ojol application. The rating is above 4.5 out of 5 scale. Curious where the location is?

The following are recommendations for 5 delicious ketoprak carts in Depok:

1. Ketoprak Misbah Depok Indah 1

Ketoprak Misbah Depok Indah 1 can be an option for tasting delicious ketoprak in Depok. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Ahmad Darmansyah

With a rating of 4.9 from 104 reviews that have been submitted, the ketoprak here is a favorite of many Depok residents. The savory, thick peanut sauce is a mainstay, plus the ‘tasting’ use of garlic.

The omelet ketoprak menu is priced at Rp. 19 thousand, while the usual one is around Rp. 15 thousand. Other options are fried egg ketoprak, round egg ketoprak, and ketoprak without ketupat.

You can choose the level of spiciness from chili leve 1 to 5. If you want it to be very spicy with more than 6 chilies, you have to add Rp. 1,000.

Ketoprak Misbah Depok Indah 1
Jl. Depok Indah 1 Number 9 (Besides Soto Betawi Tulen H Suwandi)

2. Ketoprak Gado Gado Mas Bewok

Another delicious ketoprak recommendation in Depok is in the Kukusan area, Beji. His name is Ketoprak Gado Gado Mas Bewok which got a rating of 4.7 out of 793 buyer reviews.

A regular portion of ketoprak starts from Rp. 17 thousand. Can request ‘request’ not spicy, medium, or very spicy. There is also a ketoprak with an additional omelette for Rp. 21 thousand. A buyer reviews that the ketoprak here is delicious because of the abundant spices.

Ketoprak Gado Gado Mas Bewok
Jl. Palakali Raya Number 8, Steam, Beji

3. Ketoprak Medok Mas Ditto

These 5 Delicious Ketoprak Carts in Depok Get High Ratings on the Ojol AppKetoprak Medok Mas Ditto in Depok II Tengah has a lot of fans because of its thick, savory peanut sauce mix. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Ahmad Darmansyah

In Depok II Tengah there is a cart ketoprak which is always packed with visitors. It is Ketoprak Medok Mas Ditto who starts selling in the afternoon around 18.00. The rating is 4.9 out of 461 reviews that have been entered.

Ketoprak here is preferred because of its peanut sauce and savory taste. The garlic taste is also strong and just right. The stuffing of white tofu, bean sprouts, and vermicelli completes the ketoprak concoction. For the topping, an omelette is available.

Then in terms of portions, here it is ketoprak more jumbos. You can also order ketoprak without rice cake or without knowing if you don’t like it. The price starts from IDR 17 thousand per portion on the ojol application.

Ketoprak Medok Mas Ditto
Jl. Prosperity (Indomaret Prosperity Depok)
In front of the Gate of Jalan Dadap, Central Depok II

Recommendations for delicious ketoprak in Depok are still on the next page.