This is Santorini on the South Coast Path


Let’s visit Santorini on the Southern Coast of Java. Yes, the buildings in this one destination are indeed similar to those in Greece, all white in color.

Its name is Karangcut Oceanview. We visited him on a homecoming event on an unusual route through the South Coast.

Karangcut Oceanview is a new destination in the Cianjur area, West Java. With the Santorini concept, photo spots are the highlight here.

However, there are several other spots here, such as accommodations in the class of 2-star hotels and large rooms called 4-star resorts. So, apart from visiting or hanging out normally, you can also stay here.

We will upload the experience of staying at the Karangcut Oceanview resort on a different occasion.

Karangcut Oceanview Photo: (Masaul/detikcom)

Return to the Karangcut Oceanview Cianjur facility, open from 06.00-18.00 WIB, the flagship of this destination is indeed selfie tourism. They also provide luxurious resorts, glam camp restaurants, food stalls, kids parks, and sunset moments.

The ticket price for Karangcut Oceanview Cianjur is IDR 15 on weekdays and IDR 20,000 on weekends. There is an additional IDR 10,000 for car parking.

« We had a week off during fasting. But it was reopened because it accommodated tourists who came and were forced to enter because they were from out of town, » said one of the staff, Asep, Saturday (23/4/2022).

« Because, during this fasting month, there are no cafes open. So it’s quiet and we only operate the inn, » he said.

OceanviewKarangcut Oceanview Photo: (Masaul/detikcom)

Still according to the same staff and accompanied by others, Karangcut Oceanview Cianjur has been visited by thousands of travelers in the first two months of its opening. They came from various cities and regencies around Cianjur.

On the other hand, Karangcut Oceanview Cianjur is indeed suitable to visit if you are going home on the South Coast Path. The view from the top of the hill and complete facilities will spoil the traveler.

OceanviewKarangcut Oceanview Photo: (Masaul/detikcom)

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