This is Seborga, a small village that wants to be an independent country from Italy

Seborga, Imperia, Italy

On the North Riviera, right on top of a beautiful hill, lies a small village with big dreams. The village was named Seborga.

Launching CNN, Thursday (31/3/2022) even though it is only a small village, Seborga already has its own flag, national anthem, passport, currency stamps and a leader who is called the king. This village has the hope that one day there will be legal recognition of its sovereignty.

Seborga Village Photo: (Principato in Seborga)

For now, Seborga is just a picturesque hamlet in a Northern Italian province close to France. Its population includes about 300 people on a land area of ​​about five square miles.

« The lawyers are working on it, » said Her Highness Princess Nina of Seborga.

« That’s why I was chosen as a princess, » she added.

In Seborga, elections take place every seven years. Putri Nina is the first woman to hold the position.

Born in Germany, Dobler Menegatto was living in Monaco when she found Seborga 15 years ago with her ex-husband and former prince, Marcello I.

« At first I thought the whole story was quite funny and I didn’t take it seriously, » he said while talking about Seborga’s claim to independence.

Seborga VillageSeborga Village Photo: (Principato in Seborga)

« But then I read it and it was all true, » he added.

That claim dates back to the 1960s when Giorgino Carbone, who runs a local flower grower, looked at the town’s history. He found something wrong.

Seborga was donated to Benedictine monks in 954 and they sold it in 1729 to the Kingdom of Sardinia which later became part of the Kingdom of Italy. However, according to Carbone, there is no historical record of it which means Seborga was never legally part of Italy.

« It’s hard to think that nearly 300 years later, this lack of documentation is a realistic basis on which to build legal recognition, » says Italian micronation expert Graziano Graziani.

« However, the community that believes in Seborga’s independence bases its demands on it, » he added.

Both the Italian Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights have rejected Seborga’s wishes. But this did not shake the determination of the princess.

« It won’t happen today or tomorrow, but nothing is impossible: look at Brexit, » he added.

« This is good for tourism too, there’s no denying it. Who doesn’t want fairy tales, princesses and horse-drawn carriages? So, yes, it’s a tourist attraction, but also part of the history of Seborga, » said Putri.

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