This is the Best Angle to Enjoy Racing and Natural Beauty in Mandalika

Today until Sunday (20/3), the second series of this year’s MotoGP race officially begins at the Mandalika Circuit, Lombok, NTB. In addition to having 17 challenging corners, this circuit turns out to have another uniqueness. There is a hill that is left towering in the circuit arena. The height of the hill is about 30 meters above sea level. Its position is the southernmost of the circuit.

To get to the area called Bukit 360, from the main gate, the audience just has to walk along the smooth asphalt until they meet a tunnel (tunnel) about 100 meters long which is filled with colorful murals. The tunnel, which is the only access to the unique hill, is flanked by the main circuit building and Hospitality VIP Villages. Just above the tunnel is the main track between after the start line and Turn 1.

At the end of the tunnel is an inner area (inner) of the circuit. Here’s a premium grandstand or the premium spectator stands, zones A, B, C, and H with a tunnel separating them from the grandstand zone. There is also a music performance stage where on the left and right of the stage are placed two giant screens that function to show the actions of the racers on the Mandalika Circuit track.

From the top of this hill, as stated on the Mandalika Circuit official website account, the audience will be immediately greeted by three large buildings at the three ends of the north, west, and east sides. These three steel-constructed two-story buildings with a similar model to each other are lounge. Around the lounge was built a garden with various kinds of plants. Uniquely, all the walls are glass and each building has a kind of open courtyard on the outside.

The open courtyard was positioned between the first and second floors or mezzanine, connected to each of the main buildings. The three buildings were more like a monitoring place or observation decks. We can watch the sunrise and sunset complete with a distinctive tinge of orange light from here.

Bukit 360 is the only coolest place to monitor the MotoGP race in the Mandalika Circuit arena. Not only seeing the excitement of the racers competing on the track with Stone Mastic Asphalt technology which is able to absorb water quickly.

Through the two-story building called Bale Bukit 360, we can sweep as far as the eye can see 360-degree stunning panoramas outside the circuit, including the blue watery beaches and green hills of the Seger area, which is about 500 meters from the edge of the Seger Hills itself which was viral in cyberspace because Six-time MotoGP world champion, Marc Marquez once climbed it and uploaded it to his account on social media Instagram.

This hill is the only one of the most unique natural places in the racing arena that can be climbed and has lounge among the 20 MotoGP race locations this season. « We hope that the Mandalika Circuit is not only known as the best racing arena, but also a tourist destination and a destination for people to post on Instagram, » said Deputy Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Kartika Wirjoatmodjo, through an official statement from Kominfo, some time ago. (M-4)