This Love Story of a Lover Couple Becomes Viral, Starting from Oversleeping on the Bus


Love can be found anywhere. A pair of men named Eddy claimed to meet their soulmate on a bus. At that time he sat next to a sleepy woman. Eddy also voluntarily lends his shoulder as a place to rest. From there, their story blossomed and are now dating.

The story of Eddy Oscco Huarcaya meeting his girlfriend, Catalina, has gone viral on TikTok. The man said that at first they were just two strangers next to each other on the bus. Until one day, the man ventured to talk and exchange phone numbers.

« I feel like in a dream, I dream with a great person, » said Eddy about his girlfriend.

The story of Eddy Oscco Huarcaya meets his girlfriend, Catalina. Photo: TikTok

Eddy first met Catalina in early July when they boarded the same bus. Initially Catalina sat with other bus passengers who then got off and then Eddy decided to fill the seat. Soon the woman fell asleep on his shoulder. Eddy was willing not to move to let Catalina rest.


At the first meeting they had not spoken. But fate brought them back together on the bus a few weeks later. At that time, Eddy finally got up the courage to speak and asked for a phone number. Finally they were dating.

In a viral video that has been viewed 14.6 million times, Eddy shows his intimacy with Catalina. He seemed very happy to meet a beautiful woman on the bus who eventually became his girlfriend. It didn’t take long, they even planned to meet each other’s parents.


« Now we are dating and I feel very happy because I have the most beautiful woman in the world, » he said.

Netizens also support their love story. « How adorable is this love story, » « Because of this love story I don’t want to lose faith in love, » « I might be nervous just to say hello, » they wrote.