This Man Finds Ice Shake which is More Expensive than Nasi Padang


Ice shake is an old school snack which is usually priced cheaply. But there is also ice shake which is considered more expensive than Padang rice.

For children in the 90’s, ice shake was a popular snack. The ice made by shaking the cart is known to be delicious and cheap. Now it’s a bit difficult to find ice shake sellers who are still around.

One slice of ice shake is generally sold at a low price, no more than IDR 5000. It is served complete with chocolate dip and chopped peanuts.

Es Goyang Mahal Photo: TikTok @kulinerviralindonesia

A netizen who owns a Tiktok account @kulinerviralindonesia uploaded a photo of ice shake which is quite expensive. « Finding ice shakes is more expensive than Padang rice, » said the owner of this Tiktok account.

In the video uploaded Tuesday (15/3), this man named Hendry shows himself eating ice shakes. The location is in the Pantjoran PIK area, North Jakarta. This area is a culinary center as well as a place of recreation.

« I found ice shake at the Pantjoran PIK extension. For those who want to be nostalgic for old snacks. There are also many choices of flavors, including avocado, jackfruit, coconut, strawberry, durian, mango to matcha, » said Hendry.

He also explained the choice of toppings for this ice shake. There are chocolate, meises, peanuts, cashews to almonds.

For the price, ice shake without toppings is priced at Rp. 20 thousand. If you want to add toppings, the price is Rp. 25 thousand.

For a piece of ice shake, this price is quite expensive. Many netizens also compare the price of old school ice shake to the price of Padang rice.

« If you rent an expensive place, the food we sell should be a bit luxurious. Instead of using ice shake for 20 thousand, consumers will compare, » said a netizen.

« If he’s around, he’s kliling, if the one who sells it at PIK will definitely cost a lot, like renting a place, security money, etc., 25k is reasonable, » said a netizen who understands the high price.

Expensive Ice ShakeEs Goyang Mahal Photo: TikTok @kulinerviralindonesia

« In my area, it’s a thousand on weekdays, two thousand in Ramadan, » said a netizen, referring to the price of ice shakes in their area.

Hendry, who was contacted by Detikcom (17/5) said the price of the ice shake that he shared through this video was considered reasonable because it was sold in tourist areas.

« Hahaha, it depends, if you’re on an excursion, the snacks are a bit expensive, it’s natural because of the place factor, but if you’re really hungry, it’s better to have nasi padang, » said Hendry.

How about you? Do you choose to eat ice shake or buy Padang rice?

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