This textbook editor swerves into a food delivery, here’s the reason


Working as an editor of Geography textbooks, this man chose to become a professional food delivery person. Claiming to be suitable for his new job, he explained the reason.

Working for decades is not an easy thing. Even though you are used to and like your job, it is possible that you will feel bored after living it for a long time.

Stress due to the workload that must be carried out is also not uncommon to interfere with mental and physical health. Pressure from an abusive boss or boss also makes some people choose to quit even though the job is quite comfortable.

Like the story of this man who finally chose to switch professions. More than two decades as an editor of Geography textbooks, he who is now a food delivery person feels ‘matched’ with his current profession.

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Changing his profession to be a food delivery man, this man admitted that he had more time to enjoy the scenery. Photo: Mothership

Quoting Mothership (15/3), Jimmy Tan is one of the workers in a publishing company who has been in charge of editing Geography textbooks for more than 20 years. The stress of work for more than two decades has even made him have to be rushed to the Emergency Unit (ER) due to heart palpitations in 2005.

Feeling the need for ‘fun’ outside of his job as an editor, Tan chose to take a part-time job as a food delivery person at Food Panda in 2016. Unexpectedly two years of being food delivery person made Tan even sure to quit his job.

While still an editor, Tan used to cycle from his home in Bukit Batok to his office in Paya Lebar which is 18 kilometers away. Tan always wanted to stop for a while and enjoy the scenery or just take pictures. But he was always in a hurry because he had to come to the office on time.

When he became a food delivery man, Tan’s dream came true. Tan admits that he has more time to walk slowly and enjoy the scenery around him. Tan became even more concerned about environmental conservation after having had a lot of time enjoying the surrounding scenery.

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This textbook editor swerves into a food delivery, here's the reasonThis new profession is also recognized as more relaxed and allows him to enjoy life more. Photo: Mothership

« When I’m a food delivery guy and have to deliver to customers who live in tall buildings and when I have a little more time, I’ll go take the elevator to the highest floor and enjoy the view and take some photos, » says Tan.

Tan claimed to have a more relaxed rest time. Usually he will rest at 2 pm to 5 pm. Drinking tea, cycling to the park or the forest until he also had the opportunity to cycle up the hill.

Tan feels work becomes food delivery person this is something I have been looking for for a long time. Without having to leave the office, Tan now feels more at peace because he can enjoy his time seeing the scenery more.

Besides working to provide for his wife and mother, Tan also sees this job as the best gift for him. Apart from being a food delivery man, Tan has also taken on several freelance writing jobs, script editors, and editor training.

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