Tinder Thailand ‘Joints’ the God of Love to Help Singles Get a Mate


Many companies and brands are collaborating to attract more fans. But this collaboration is arguably unusual.

Tinder Thailand has a unique marketing strategy by ‘cooperating’ with the God of Love. The online matchmaking app collaborates with Trimurti, or in Thai culture known as the God of Love, to help single people find a lover.

The collaboration was carried out in front of Central World Mall, Bangkok, Thailand. There is Kuli Trimurti, in front of which a sticker with a pink-and-white Tinder logo is attached.

Tinder x God of Love. Photo: Facebook Central World Mall

The stickers also read, ‘Let’s Match!’ and ‘Pray and swipe right’. As reported by World of Buzz, it is believed that by ‘swiping’ in front of the skin of the God of Love, it can increase the chance of getting a mate.

Not a few single people believe that God of Love can bring in a mate through Tinder media. Both men and women are seen lined up in front of the temple in hopes of getting good luck in terms of mate.

Usually they will bring a red rose as an offering and it is believed the best time for supplication is Thursday at 9.30 pm. Therefore, it is not surprising that there will be a crowd every Thursday night in front of the temple.

Tinder x God of LoveTinder x God of Love Photo: Facebook Central World Mall

Unfortunately the collaboration between Tinder and Dewa Cinta is only temporary. The program runs throughout February and ends in early March 2022.

Even if the Tinder sticker is gone, the Trimurti temple will still be there. Requests to get a mate can always be done at any time.

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