Unique! In this restaurant you can taste grilled goat while playing with goats


In Serdang, Malaysia, there is a family restaurant with a unique concept. Serving an all-goat menu, here visitors can also play with goats and camels in the wide area of ​​​​the shepherd’s field.

Restaurants or places to eat with animal themes often steal the show. Call it a cat cafe which was very popular in the last few years. Here visitors can eat while freely playing with cats.

Then came the concept of other animal cafes, including rabbit cafes, fish cafes, and even dog cafes that made them nervous. But what about goat and camels? These two animals may rarely be part of a restaurant concept, but you can find them in Malaysia.

View of the vast meadow at the House of Goats. Photo: Instagram wanummuanissah

quote World of Buzz (13/3/2022), there is a family restaurant in MAEPS Serdang which is a favorite of local residents. Its name is House of Kambing, which serves a variety of goat-only menus with a wide view of the meadow.

The mainstay of the House of Kambing menu is grilled goat with steamed rice. This menu is available in a choice of packages that are suitable for consumption of 4-6 people. The roasted goat looks appetizing with a thick savory seasoning.

There is also Crispy Goat, which is a fillet of mutton fried in flour. Companion dip sweet and sour sauce. For fried rice lovers, you can also taste the Goat Fried Rice at House of Kambing.

Unique!  In this restaurant you can taste grilled goat while playing with goatsGoat fried rice is one of the favorite menus at House of Kambing. Photo: Facebook Cheap Ticket Hunter

Meanwhile, for those of you who like fresh soup, there is Goat Soup. All the processed goats here are widely liked because the pieces of meat are large, the texture is soft, and it doesn’t smell like rancid.

Moreover, this restaurant also follows the development of culinary trends. The proof is they issued a menu Goat Spicy Fiery spicy nampol. This menu is priced a package with Ice Milo. The price is RM 19.90 or around Rp. 68 thousand.

House of Kambing, which has a ‘farm to table’ concept, also provides goat’s milk and camel’s milk for visitors. This animal milk is blended with ice to become ice blended. The price starts from RM 9.90 or around Rp. 34 thousand.

Unique!  In this restaurant you can taste grilled goat while playing with goatsThe freshness of goat’s milk can be a thirst quencher when playing here. Photo: Facebook Cheap Ticket Hunter

Another bonus, you and your family can enjoy an all-goat menu with a wide view of the meadow. This is where some goats and camels roam free.

Visitors are allowed to interact as long as they maintain a safe distance. For example, playing with goat or feed the camels. No wonder the House of Kambing is a favorite dining destination for Malaysians.

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