Ura! The Coldest City on Earth Is in Russia


Russia is not only the outermost country in the world, but also has the coldest city. This is Oymyakon, the coldest city in the world!

Oymyakon is in the eastern part of Russia, included in the state of Sakha with the capital Yakutia. The location is about 750 meters above sea level and is famous for its extreme cold weather!

Quoted from Visit Yakutia, Oymyakon gets the title as the coldest place on Earth inhabited by humans. So, don’t compare it to the uninhabited poles, OK!

The average temperature there reaches minus tens of degrees Celsius. The peak is around December to January, with a figure of -50 degrees Celsius.

The coldest place on Earth inhabited by humans in Oymyakon, Russia Photo: (Visit Yakutia)

In history, the most extreme recorded temperature was in 1926. At that time, the figure showed -71.2 degrees Celsius. Can you imagine how cold it was?

Oymyakon is inhabited by about 500 residents with a life like any other city in the world. Working adults, school children and women also shop at the supermarket. Their everyday clothes were predictable, jackets with thick fur.

They even had to cover their noses with scarves, so they wouldn’t be short of breath due to the strong winds that brought snow. The temperature in the morning usually reaches -60 Celsius.

The coldest place on Earth Inhabited by Humans in Oymyakon, RussiaThe coldest place on Earth inhabited by humans in Oymyakon, Russia Photo: (Visit Yakutia)

This super cold weather is actually packaged into a tourist attraction. Visit Yakutia, selling tour packages that promise an experience like no other.

Winter starts in late December to mid-February. So the tour is usually done in mid-November to early April.

Through it, Oymyakon experienced summer. In summer there, the temperature range is only minus 20-30 degrees Celsius.

How to get to Oymyakon can be reached by car for 2 days from Yakutia, with a distance of thousands of kilometers. Tourists will be invited to live with the indigenous people of Oymyakon, visit the landscapes of the icy hills and of course play in the snow.

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