Using nails of Rp. 21 million, this woman shows how to eat Nasi Padang


Eating Padang rice is the most delicious using your hands directly. But how do you eat Padang rice with nail art for Rp. 21 million decorated with gold?

For some women, nail art is an accessory that makes them look more beautiful. With beaded nails, the fingers also look more curvaceous. Various accessories can also be added as decoration, including those made of gold.

A netizen using the Tiktok account @helenberkuman shared his experience of decorating nails with nail art for Rp. 21 million. Before decorating her nails, she first bought accessories at a gold shop.

The act of eating nasi padang with expensive nails Photo: TikTok @helenberkuman

He also bought various pendants and gold in various shapes to attach to his nails. The total gold jewelry purchased reached Rp. 13.8 million.

Gold jewelry in various forms is then taken to a special nail art salon. The video, which he shared on May 9, 2022, immediately attracted attention. The total money spent by Helen to decorate her nails is Rp. 21 million.

Seeing the luxurious nails on Helen’s fingers, many netizens immediately challenged Helen to eat Padang rice using their hands. As a result, Helen accepted this challenge.

Helen uploaded a video when she ate a packet of Padang rice.

“Today I will show you how to eat Padang rice with Rp. 21 million nails to keep it slayed. Even though my way of eating is not graceful by using cutlery such as a spoon or fork but it’s okay. I eat with my hands and I’m happy. Because I don’t have a manner. The way is to take it slowly, then put it in your mouth as usual. Even though I use expensive nails, I’m not worried that my nails will fall off,” said Helen as she unwrapped the Padang rice.

He slowly feeds the rice and complementary side dishes such as boiled cassava leaves and jackfruit curry. Without worrying, Helen stirred all the rice with the side dish using her hands. He also fed this rice and ate it voraciously.

“It’s okay, I don’t eat gracefully as long as my nails are expensive,” said Helen when contacted by Detikcom (13/5).

Seeing Helen’s action eating Padang rice, hundreds of netizens immediately filled the comments column. Many are worried that Helen’s nail accessories will be eaten.

The action of eating nasi padang with expensive nailsThe act of eating nasi padang with expensive nails Photo: TikTok @helenberkuman

“You’re not afraid to eat the gold, right? 21 million, it’s better to buy a motorbike,” said a netizen.

“I ate Padang rice, the nails were covered with clear plastic, they weren’t damaged, but the nails turned yellow,” said netizens who also like to wear nail decorations.

“Can’t imagine if the gold on his nails fell into the rice. Go eat, suck,” said another netizen.

“It’s a shame that your nails are better if you eat them with a shovel so they’re slayed,” joked a netizen.

Helen, who realized that the video was attracting attention, said she was happy that the video could entertain. He also tries to meet the challenges from netizens about carrying out daily activities using his expensive nails.

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