Very comfortable! Anies’ Newly Inaugurated Library at Blok M Park


The Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park has just been revitalized. It is now a beautiful garden suitable for studying while relaxing.

Martha Christina Tiahahu Park used to be rundown. However, now it has turned into a beautiful park that must be visited. Especially, for those who like to read books.

This park was inaugurated by the Governor of DKI Anies Baswedan on Sunday (18/9) afternoon. This park is located on Jalan Sisingamangaraja, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. The location is very strategic, right next to the Blok M MRT station and close to the Blok M terminal.

The park with an area of ​​​​about 9,170 square meters was developed into six plazas, namely North Plaza, Kabaresi Plaza, Bunga Plaza, South Plaza, Children’s Plaza, and East Plaza. In addition to improving the existing green space, this revitalization is also carried out with the aim of making this park a national literacy facility. In its development, the manager of Taman Martha Christina Tiahahu collaborated with several communities and companies engaged in literacy.

« I entrusted the manager because after October I can’t supervise. It is ensured that literacy activities live in this place. To be able to live, trust the community. The government prepares infrastructure, all supporting facilities. Once the content arrives, hand it over to activists, » said Anies in his remarks, Sunday. (18/9).

Based on monitoring detikTravel on Monday (19/9) afternoon, even though it had just been inaugurated, the Literacy Park was already attracting attention. As the name implies, this park does provide facilities that support literacy activities.

Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park facility after revitalization. Photo: Yasmin Nurfadila/detikTravel

One of the completed facilities is the Community Room. This room presents a work area as well as a lounge-like spot with a comfortable sofa. Not only that, in this room there is also a Literacy Garden Library or reading garden.

Although the room and library area is not that big, this room is made very comfortable. Equipped with air conditioning, power outlets, to Wi-Fi. The collection provided by the library is quite complete. Starting from books for children, novels for teenagers to adults, as well as science books for various ages.

Not only physical book collections, the Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park also collaborates with the Library. In some park spots there is a large banner containing a QR code that will direct visitors to the Library e-book collection page.

Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park facility after revitalization.QR code at Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park to access the e-book collection. Photo: Yasmin Nurfadila/detikTravel

This park has four rooms that are circular in shape around the Plaza Kabaresi area. For now, only one room has been completed. The other three are still in the process of charging.

Even so, the function of the three rooms has begun to be seen. One space will be developed into a cozy co-working space. The room is equipped with carpet and bean bags.

Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park facility after revitalization.Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park facility after revitalization. Photo: Yasmin Nurfadila/detikTravel

Then the next room seems to be developed into an area food court. Because there is already a food stand in it. The last room opposite the Community Room will be the location of the book festival.

Apart from the general public, this Literacy Park is also the target of school children. When detikTravel visited the location, there were several groups of high school children enjoying the park.

Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park facility after revitalization.The Literacy Park is visited by many school children. Photo: Yasmin Nurfadila/detikTravel

One of the high school students who visited this park with his two friends revealed that according to him the facilities at the Literacy Park were good.

« Yes, it’s good. I saw the library below too, it seems suitable for this, the atmosphere is cool, so it’s suitable for reading books too. If you want to find references, it’s also good, » said Farel Ananda, a high school student from Petukangan .

In addition to book lovers and gardeners, Martha Christina Tiahahu Literacy Park is also a suitable place to work and study.

« Take good photos, do group work too, » said Tasya Regita Salvina who came with Farel and one of his friends, Sayra.

For travelers who want to work, study, or just relax with beautiful and cool views, this park is the right park. Especially for travelers who like to read, this park can be a fun reading spot to visit.