Viral Husband Gives a Surprise to His Wife Rice Wraps But It’s Full of Money

Photo: Doc. TikTok @ahmedkidding.


There are various ways husbands do to make their beloved wife happy. One of them by occasionally giving unexpected surprises.

As did the TikTok account owner @ahmedkidding. He deliberately brought a plastic bag containing rice for his wife. But when the package was opened, the contents were completely unexpected.

“The anti-mainstream surprise surprised me. Hahahaha shocked @triaamandha07 hehehe,” wrote the video caption for the TikTok account @ahmedkidding.

In the 1.51 minute video, the husband can be seen arriving home, knocking on the door and saying hello. When he entered the house, his two children were in front of the television room.

The husband then called his wife to take the rice wrap. “Here, my brother, I brought wrapped rice for my brother. It’s okay, the deck is delicious when the food is, my brother ate it, open it quickly,” said the TikTok account @ahmedkidding.

The wife replied that she had just finished eating and put the rice wrap on the shelf. When he saw his wife’s attitude, the husband again asked his wife to immediately open the rice wrap he brought.

“Just open it later, it’s not good,” he said. The wife then immediately sat down and opened the rice wrap while taking her baby. “Where to buy?” asked the wife. “Huh, what is this?” continued the wife asked the TikTok account @ahmedkidding after seeing the contents of the rice wrap. And the wife looked moved.

“This liquid is liquid,” replied the husband, the owner of the TikTok account @ahmedkidding.

From the uploaded video, it can be seen that the wife was surprised because the contents of the wrapped rice were not rice and side dishes. The contents of the package were a wad of IDR 100 thousand denominations. Ahmed deliberately put the money on top of white rice.

“Alhamdulillah, my wife is happy. I was deliberately given money if I bought something I’m afraid my wife won’t like it, it’s good to give money so I can buy it myself hehe. Alhamdulillah, the more often we make our wives happy, the more smoothly our husband’s sustenance will be,” wrote Ahmed in his TikTok upload.

“Happy,” asked Ahmed.

“Happy,” replied his wife with a smile.

The husband’s TikTok video giving a surprise to his wife under the guise of rice wrap has been watched by more than 6.6 million views and has received various comments from netizens. There were those who were happy and praised Ahmed’s actions.

“Why don’t you plasticize the money first so that the rice doesn’t get dirty the money also gets dirty, it sticks to the rice ,” suggested the account @Mprutz🦩.

“Oh God, it feels like I’m also happy to see his wife really happy when I do that with my husband ,” said the account @nurilmiana111.

“Happy wife, sustenance will flow like water . Success for you and I hope that success will spread to me and my husband. Amen yaroballamine,” said TikTok user @PinTar😍😍😍.

“He’s the one who got it, how come I’m the one who’s happy, huh?,” said the account @Saya Only830.

“I will share it right away… social gathering, electricity, children’s school, monthly shopping, children’s snacks. The rest of the trip, suddenly I only have one sheet 😂😂 fate,” vented the account @Selly.

“Oh God, I’m happy with you ❤️❤️❤️,” said the account @yuli_bambang.

“Happiness is like that, yes, an understanding husband… all for the sake of his wife and children, it’s great, the family is always healthy… lasts until the end of life👍,” replied the @ERNACORN account.

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Wolipop Confirm

Wolipop has contacted Ahmad Warsidi, as the owner of the TikTok account @ahmedkidding. The 36-year-old man said that his viral upload was the moment he gave a surprise to his wife, Tria Amandha (24 years).

“The surprise was in the form of money, the idea was that when I was having lunch, my wife thought of immediately rushing to the ATM to give a surprise,” said Ahmad Warsidi to Wolipop via text message, Tuesday (24/5/2022).

He said the surprise video he recorded after coming home from work. The man who lives in Binjai, North Sumatra, mentioned Tria’s reaction when she opened the rice wrap.

“He was happy and surprised he thought he was brought food to eat but it turned out to be something else,” said Ahmad.

Ahmad Warsidi and Tria Amandha have three children, Aliando Satria Ahmad (3 years), Abyzayn Satria Ahmad (2 years) and Awria Satria Ahmad (1 year).