Viral Makes You Cry, Grade 1 Elementary School Boy Shows Values ​​to Mother Who Has Died


Circulating virally on social media, the contents of the conversation via WhatsApp from an elementary school boy showed the value of a report card to his mother. Netizens burst into tears after reading the message because the child’s mother had died.

The upload of the contents of the WhatsApp message went viral, shaking netizens up after being shared by the Twitter account Alyaaaaa @takseiman on (23/6/2022). In a viral upload, a 1st grade elementary school boy named Novan told his dead mother that he had gone to class.

“Hello, I sender his. His name is Novan, the one who always asks for a photo every time he visits mama ,” wrote the Twitter account @takseiman.

Novan informed his mother via WhatsApp that his brother’s report card had been taken. Novan also said that he had grown into an independent child.

“This mom, I’m Novan. Tomorrow I’ll get my report card for my brother. I think I’m going to grade 2. I can eat by myself. I’ve become a great kid like I’m smart. I got a score of 100,” wrote Nova.

“Mom, what are you doing? In Heaven, there’s no cellphone, it seems. I’m alone in middle school and high school. Brother said that after elementary school there was middle school, is it true. Mom’s boobs have finished bathing. Don’t tell me my sister borrowed her cellphone. Sincerely. Test,‘ typed Nova.

Novan borrowed his brother’s cellphone to send WhatsApp messages to his dead mother. The Twitter account @takseiman said that his sister just sent a message to her parents and showed off her grades.

“Just got home from school” very suddenly arrivedsaid he wanted to WA papa because he is got the value of 100 all said.. There’s something got 90 apologized many times ,” continued @takseiman.

“Sorry, it made thousands of people cry. It’s night and night. No no intentions, just want to share a story huhu. Actually this is it send it many gotI wonder why it’s been photographed so many times, what the difference. It turns out that all of them have different themes,” he said sadly.

“Thank you all so much for your kind prayers. Here I don’t have any intentions, really just send it to the base because I’m so proud of my sister.. I didn’t think it would be crowded like this. And it turns out that a lot of people were touched to tears 🙏🏻 Healthy always good people❤️ ,” replied the Twitter account @takseiman.

In addition to showing off to his mother, Novan also sent a message to his father that he had obtained a score of 100. The father immediately gave appreciation to his beloved son.

“I also got 100, I’m Novan,‘ typed Nova.

“Great son… Alhamdulillah. Tonight we won’t buy toast. Let’s eat out, okay?“said the father.

“Thanks papa, cheese and chocolate toast,” Nova replied.

“Yes ready,” replied Nova’s father.

“You don’t have to eat out” Nova said.

The father then asked about other subjects. Novan then answered if the value of other subjects had not been given.

Novan’s story is viral on social media. Photo: Doc. Twitter alyaaa @takseiman.

The upload of Alyaaaaa’s Twitter account @takseiman has already gotten more than 102 thousand Likes and 20.3 thousand Retweets. Netizens immediately flooded the comments column and burst into tears while reading screenshots of Novan’s conversation.

Oh my gosh, smart very novel. keep it up, hope you can be proud brother, mother and papa, amen 🙏🏻,” wrote the account @naalkuna.

“His sister very smart ❤️ hope you become a smart kid, okay, so you can be proud your parents keep the spirit up, brother ,” said the account @jeddongieeeeee.

“Oh, Nova smart very much. The spirit of continuing to learn, Novan, always healthy ,” amazed the @megashofani account.

“Smart kid, cheer up, you’ll be a successful person, so that your mom will be even more proud up there ,” touched the account @sweetyy_jj.

“So touched to read the chat
Keep it up Novan, son smartalways healthy, “said the account @mbh_bid.

Wolipop has contacted Alyaaaaa’s Twitter account @takseiman. He has given permission to Wolipop to quote his upload.