Viral Moments Men Invite their Mothers on Weekly Nights, The Messages Striking Makes Haru


Circulating virally a man who was busy walking alone with his mother. He invited his mother for a weekly night and made the netizens who witnessed it feel touched.

The video of the closeness of the child and mother was uploaded by Ardiansyah, via his TikTok account @sf_stonef. He recorded the moment when his mother spent time at the cafe with him.

“Sunday night with girlfriend
same weekend ,” wrote the account @sf_stonef.

In his upload, Ardiansyah admits that he wants to be devoted, doesn’t want to lose the moment and enjoys time with his beloved mother. Through his upload, he wanted to convey a message to other netizens.

“Pay attention to your parents while they are still around, let alone the rest of your mother. God willing, heaven awaits you, amen,” said Ardiansyah on the @sf_stonef account.

@sf_stonef Pay attention to your heaven, while there are still friends #fyp #fypシ #malming #viral #heaven #tiktok #bismillahfyp ♬ original voice – Fabio asher

Ardiansyah’s uploaded video has been seen by more than 433.8 thousand views. Some netizens praised Ardiansyah’s actions and reminisced about his close relationship with his mother.

“The team that spent last weekend with family and friends ,” said the account @fakhrynoer.

“Oh my God, I’ve no can it be like this again, my mother is 40 days take a look me forever , how lucky you are,, to be like this,” said the account @blanja.

Uploads of children and mothers are viral on social media. Photo: Doc. TikTok @sf_stonef.

“The cave that always goes everywhere with mama even accompany I’m getting treatment here. And now he’s gone, like a ship ga there’s a captain floating in the sea,” said the account @Muhamad Gaddafi.

“The coolest person is the one who is always number 1 in his mother. I hope his mother is always healthy,” said TikTok user @TTS.

“Mom, is it okay for me to have his child? ️🙏 Because he can glorify his mother, it means he can also honor his wife later ,” amazed @Yolanda29.

Uploads of children and mothers are viral on social media.Uploads of children and mothers are viral on social media. Photo: Doc. TikTok @sf_stonef.

Wolipop Confirm

Wolipop has contacted Ardiansyah as a weekly night video uploader with his beloved mother. Ardi said the video he uploaded last week in his hometown of Palu, Central Sulawesi.

“This video is to remind everyone of their parents, especially if their parents have one remaining and they are over 60 years old. My parents were taken by Allah SWT, the position was not happy and I wasn’t there beside him,”

“That’s why no matter how busy I am, I still prioritize my mother, because I think it’s my heaven, I have to take care of her and make her happy, before I regret it when I’m not there, that’s why I take her for walks 4-5 times a week refreshing,” he continued.

Ardi said he often took his mother, Erdiyati Simin (68 years) out together, at least 4-5 times a week. “Sometimes traveling very early in the morning, afternoon and evening. Mostly walking around the city, by the sea and on the hill. To hangout places, sometimes I take them to dance competitions, every time I compete and the judges are always there. invite,” he said.

The video he uploaded has gone viral, he feels happy and hopes to inspire people who go abroad who never come home to see their parents. “Because money can be found, parents’ happiness is hard to come by, just seeing them smile every day is very happy to see it. Pay attention to your heaven, while it’s still there, because life doesn’t happen twice. So make good use of it from now on, believe we will make heaven happy us, God willing, heaven awaits us, amen,” he concluded.