Viral TNI members take pre-wedding photos at home, the luxury of the house makes them sad


This couple who chose pre-wedding at home is viral because it makes netizens focus wrong. The couple, whose man is a member of the Indonesian Army, took pre-wedding photos in a house that looked luxurious.

The moment of the pre-wedding photo session at home went viral after being uploaded by the TikTok account @hennilarossa. In the upload, it can be seen that the future wife of the TNI AD member appears in a glamorous dress, while her future husband wears a military uniform. The pre-wedding photo moment was said to have been done at @hennilarossa’s house.

« Prewedd at home alone🤣 #fypiindonesia🥰🤝🙏🙏🇮🇩 #foryoupage #fypdonggggggggg #fypシ #fypiindonesiaシ #fypsoundss, » wrote the TikTok account @hennilarossa.

@hennilarossa Prewedd at home alone🤣 #fypiindonesia🥰🤝🙏🙏🇮🇩 #foryoupage #fypdonggggggggg #fypシ #fypiindonesiaシ #fypsoundss ♬ original sound – TRI SUAKA REAL – Tri SUAKA Real

Pre-wedding uploads at the house have been watched by more than 694.9 thousand views and 39 thousand likes. Netizens immediately flooded the comments column. The luxury of the bride’s house makes netizens focus wrong. Netizens also focused wrongly on wanting the rank year of the TNI AD member who is said to still have a basic rank.

« This is the right enlistment… take care of the enlisted good name bro… your fortune is good… brovo red !! » said TikTok user @Arifin Syahputra.

« Wow, the house is really cool, » wrote @duka lara

« This is the girl’s house, very rich, her husband is a pratu, I hope you are always happy in your household, » wrote the account @diyah12_znn.

« Masha Allah… nice house, » wrote the account @dvaay31.

« Alhamdulillah, got a rich wife, » said the account @pejuang blessing.

« The important thing is to be a mother persit😅, » quipped the @Pay account.

« What’s wrong with people. How come they’re bringing up ranks🙃, » confused account @Lan.

« It’s rare for girls to want to be with men with the rank of enlisted soldiers, usually officers and it’s been proven that girls don’t care about titles, » said the account @buka who.

The TikTok account @hennilarossa then responded to comments from netizens who asked about the rank of her future husband. She said she never looked at the rank of her future husband.

« Whether it’s a non-commissioned officer, enlisted officer or officer, I and my family never want to go there, the point is that the future husband can respect me and my family. My family and I have never looked at material things, enough for my future husband to know, and my husband has never asked for anything at all. » what about my family and me. Thank God I’m not crazy about rank and uniform, maybe the match is already his match, he wants to wear it normally, if the match still wants 🥰🥰, » he replied.

A photo of the couple Henni and Rizki holding a pre-wedding photo session at home suddenly went viral on social media. Photo: Doc. TikTok @hennilarossa.

Wolipop confirmation

Wolipop has contacted Henni Larossa who uploaded a moment of a pre-wedding photo session with her future husband, a member of the Indonesian Army. Henni said that she did the pre-wedding photos at her own home according to the photographer’s advice.

« Preweding at home because there is a pretty good background. The photographer gave advice at home. It would also be good. The idea came from the photographer who said it was good at home because he wanted to be different from the others, » said Henni to Wolipop.

This 25-year-old woman explained that she took a photo session at her own home in Palembang, South Sumatra on August 25, 2022. Photo session prewedding walking for about 1.5 hours and deliberately he chose in the afternoon to get a dim atmosphere.

Henni is currently married to Muhammad Rizki Siregar (27 years). Their wedding was held on October 9, 2022 using Palembang customs.

At the end of the interview, Henni responded to netizens highlighting her husband’s rank. « Just keep silent, the names are haters, just keep quiet and we are in a relationship, so we know what we feel, yes, we, I, no comment, Julid, means we can’t afford it, » he concluded.