Want Healing in Surabaya? Let’s Stop by Tahura Pakal 1


Travelers who are tired of the life of the city of Surabaya, can relax for a moment at Tahura Pakal 1. You can enjoy the cool forest in the middle of the city.

Pakal 1 Forest Park (Tahura) is located in Pakal Sub-district/District, Surabaya. This Tahura has a land area of ​​about 6.5 hectares. Interestingly, here there are many shrimp pine trees which make the atmosphere unlike in Surabaya.

Inside the location, there are also artificial lakes to aesthetic bridges made of bamboo. The access road at the location has also been installed with paving, so pedestrians can comfortably enjoy the cool atmosphere there.

In addition, this Pakal Tahura is also equipped with children’s playgrounds and water tricycles. There are also a number of photo spots that are guaranteed to be beautiful and instagramable.

Meanwhile, the Camat of Pakal Tranggono said that Tahura Pakal 1 had been built since 2008. Furthermore, during Risma’s leadership, the area began to be developed. If hunger strikes, don’t worry! In this location there are many MSME sellers who sell. The price is also relatively cheap.

Pakal Forest Park (Tahura) Tourism, Surabaya. Photo: ANTARA PHOTO/Patrik Cahyo Lumintu

« There is no charge for free entry. Tahura Pakal 1 is filled with shrimp pine trees, » said Tranggono to detikJatim.

Tranggono added, Tahura Pakal 1 is managed by the Surabaya City Food and Agriculture Security Service. Meanwhile, Pakal District is involved in monitoring as the COVID-19 Task Force.

« To view photos, it is very instagramable. Visitors are usually busy on Saturdays and Sundays, » continued Tranggono.

One of the visitors, Nina (35), a resident of Manukan, who was at the location with her family, said that Tahura Pakal 1 could be an alternative for traveling together.

« It’s delicious, you don’t have to go out of town. Because there are already rides to play with the children. Before there were rides, I used to come here often, » said Nina.

Nina also suggested that the directions to the location of the Surabaya Pakal Tahura should be further clarified. In addition, he said that access to entrance and parking near train crossings was inadequate.

« The direction of the plaque is less visible, then the parking is not good, it’s not spacious enough, » he suggested.

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