Whoops! These 5 Netizens Find Dangerous Things in Their Food


Before eating, make sure all parts food safe for consumption must be done. Do not let the incident like the following netizens.

In addition to making sure the food served is quite tasty, there are important things that should not be missed. Ensuring that food is free from contamination and safe for consumption is mandatory.

Do not let food that has been cooked as good as possible actually endanger the safety of consumers. As a consumer, eating carefully also needs to be done in addition to enjoying the delicious taste.

This is because it does not rule out the possibility of contamination of various objects that can threaten the safety of entering food and being swallowed into the body. The incident of various horrific objects that entered the food occurred to several netizens.

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Here are 5 stories of netizens finding dangerous objects in their food which were shared via the Twitter account @food_fess (29/3):

Having fun eating curry, this netizen found a fishing hook that was still attached to the fish’s head. Photo: Twitter/food_fess

1. Hook in fish curry

The freshness of the curry sauce is the best when eaten with warm white rice. Various food ingredients can be made curry. But the tender meat on the fish head is always the right choice.

For lovers, fish head curry eaten with warm rice will never go wrong to overcome hunger. But it’s different from a netizen who almost got hurt because of a portion of fish head curry.

While enjoying the fish head curry, he found a fishing hook still attached to the fish head. « Alhamdulillah, I’m not too late, » wrote the netizen who was grateful to have survived the danger.

2. Cockroach in rendang

If people are usually fooled by pieces of galangal in rendang, this is different from netizens. The owner of a Twitter account named @bollobollu admitted that he had found a cockroach in the rendang he ate.

The color of the cockroach which is as brown as the rendang makes the ‘presence’ of this cockroach invisible when it enters the cooked rendang meat. He also doesn’t blame who cooked the rendang, he just regrets that this disgusting incident happened to him.

« Ever ate rendang in which there was a cockroach that also became rendang. Which color is the same brown or does it sneak up when the cook is careless, I also don’t know, not to eat it. Since then when I eat rendang I like to strip it off one by one until it becomes powdery- the powder, I’m afraid there will be strange surprises, » wrote the account @bollobollu.

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