Wow! After DNA Test, The World’s Largest Potato Is Not A Potato


A New Zealand couple claim to have found the world’s largest potato weighing 7.9 kilograms. It turned out that after a DNA test, this tuber was not a potato.

A couple named Colin and Donna Craig-Brown some time ago had become a conversation because they claimed to have just found the largest potato in the world. This couple accidentally found this giant potato while cleaning the garden in their yard.

Potatoes weighing 17.2 pounds or about 7.9 kilograms were then registered through the Guinness World Records website to be able to get the title as the largest potato in the world. The Guinness World Records of course does not carelessly give a world record label.

World’s Largest Potato Photo: (AP)

It took several steps before certifying the breaking of the world record. This includes the giant potato known as Dug the Potato.

Reporting from Food and Wine (17/3) this giant potato must go through a DNA test to determine the type of potato. These potato pieces were taken to the laboratory for a series of DNA tests. Researchers at Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA) then analyzed the DNA and genetics of the potatoes.

Potato test results just came out not too long ago. Turns out, Dug wasn’t a potato at all.

According to the Associated Press, Guinness sent Colin and Donna Craig-Brown an email that broke the hearts of Colin and Donna Craig-Brown for announcing that their invented potato wasn’t actually a potato.

« Unfortunately the specimen is not a potato, and in fact the tuber is a kind of pumpkin, » wrote Guinness World Records. « For this reason we have unfortunately had to disqualify these bulbs. »

Colin Craig-Brown said there was nothing they could do but accept the results. « What can you say? We can’t say we don’t believe it, because we gave them (potatoes) for DNA testing. »

In an interview with, Colin Craig-Brown said that he is still trying to figure out how these bulbs have grown to such a large size. He also speculated that this Dug was the result of a cross between a pumpkin and a cucumber.

Colin also said he had tasted this tuber and said it tasted like potatoes. Similarly, it looks like a potato even though it has some curves.

« If it sounds like a duck, swims like a duck and has feathers on it, then it must be a duck, » Colin said. « But now, this one turned out to be a turkey. » Colin admitted that he was disappointed although in the end he accepted sincerely that his findings were not the biggest potato that could get a world record.

Doug, World's Biggest PotatoWorld’s Largest Potato Photo: (AP)

Currently the record for the largest potato in the world is still held by Peter Glazebrook. A vegetable farmer from Nottinghamshire who has held the Guinness World Records for World’s Largest Potato for more than a decade. Not only potatoes, this 76-year-old man also pocketed more than 15 world records for the largest vegetable in the world.

According to The Guardian, Glazebrook has the record for the largest carrots, cauliflower, onions and tomatoes in the world. He had also previously grown pumpkins, but gave up because the biggest giant gourds were deemed too difficult to manage.

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