Wow! It Takes 3 Days to Make Authentic ‘Flaky’ French Croissants


Popular in France, the croissant has now gone global. It turns out that making croissants is quite complicated as it took this French baker 3 days to make!

Croissants are classified as viennoiserie pastry that has many fans. The unique shape resembles a crescent moon with a flaky texture.

Another characteristic, croissant has a delicious savory taste of butter (buttery). Good croissants also form a honeycomb pattern once they are cut. This indicates that the dough has risen completely and the butter layer is evenly distributed.

Making authentic French croissants is not an easy thing. It took the French baker 3 days to do it. This is illustrated in the uploaded video Insiders (8/5/2022).

Reporter Insiders, Claudia Romeo, visits a French baker to see the process of making croissants on the French Riviera, Nice. The first day is devoted to making dough. The main ingredients are just sugar, salt, water, yeast, leftover dough, and flour.

There are two types of flour used for croissants. French baker Frédéric Roy of Boulangerie Roy Le Capitole reveals the first flour is a French tradition. « This flour does not contain added ingredients. Then I have gruau flour made from wheat, » he said.

French baker Frédéric Roy is preparing croissant dough. Photo: Insider

He added that flour, also known as ‘strong wheat’, gives more strength to the croissant dough. This flour also makes the dough more elastic and has stability when kneaded.

The characteristic feature of croissant dough according to Frédéric is that this dough is part of the fermented laminated dough family. This dough means that on the one hand it will produce layers and a crunchy texture, but on the other hand the dough will also expand due to the fermentation process, just like bread.

Frédéric can process 8 kg of wheat flour to make 240 croissants in one go. In total in a day, his shop can sell 1,000 croissants so he can make croissants 3 times a day.

Croissant dough needs to be kneaded for about 12-14 minutes using a machine. A successful dough should not tear or stretch when spread by hand.

After that the dough croissant subdivided into pieces of dough or called patons in French. This dough is then placed in the refrigerator and left overnight until the next day.

Wow!  It Takes 3 Days to Make Authentic 'Flaky' French CroissantsThe second day of making croissants is butter and flour dough is layered. Photo: Insider

The second day is a day for butter. This ingredient is very important because it makes up 30% of the croissant dough, but the butter is not mixed with the dough.

« A layer of butter, a layer of dough, a layer of butter. So if the butter is too soft, it will mix with the dough. On the other hand, if the butter is too hard and the dough is too soft, a mixing phenomenon will occur as well, » says Frédéric.

It’s important to make sure both the croissant dough and butter are in the right condition. Not too soft or hard. This is what allows the croissant to have a layered texture later.

Next, the croissant dough and butter are folded. There are types of folds that are single fold, consisting of 3 layers and there are double folds, consisting of 4 layers. The technique for each of these folds is different. Bakers can choose according to taste.

When finished folding, put the dough back in the refrigerator for 1.5 hours to make it cool. This process is important for the next stage, namely cutting the croissant dough into tiny triangles, the shape of the croissant we know today.

Wow!  It Takes 3 Days to Make Authentic 'Flaky' French CroissantsThis folded croissant dough is ready to bake. Photo: Insider

« For a croissant, it’s 4.5 millimeters thick to fold twice, » says Frédéric. It performs manual cutting with a knife and without a mold. « My eyes are the mold, » he said. Only then the croissant dough is folded and stored again in the refrigerator for 10-11 hours.

Arrived on the third day where the croissant dough was 3 times bigger than the initial dough. « Croissants are ready to bake, » says Frédéric. But before going into the oven, croissants need to be glazed.

This glaze is made from a mixture of egg yolks and water which gives the croissant an added crunch and a beautiful golden yellow color. Then the croissants are baked using a temperature of 215 degrees Celsius.

Wow!  It Takes 3 Days to Make Authentic 'Flaky' French CroissantsA good croissant will make a crunchy sound when squeezed on the outside. Photo: Insider

« We’re going to bake croissants for 15-17 minutes, » says Frédéric. After that the croissant is ready to be enjoyed.

According to Frederic, croissant A good one should have crunch on the outside and softness on the inside. When pressed there should be a crisp sound too, a sign that the lamination is good.

These freshly baked croissants tasted very good. The taste is savory and the texture is also satisfying.

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