Wow! These 5 Food-Inspired Shoes Price Reaches Millions of Rupiah


Inspired by good food and well-known food brands, there are lots of cool and cute shoes that look like food. The price also reaches millions of rupiah.

Food and fashion fans will always be interested, whenever there is a brand or product that combines food and fashion into one thing. Apart from bags and clothes inspired by food brands, shoe designs are also often inspired by food.

Like the creation of shoes that can order pizza automatically. Then there are expensive shoes that are shaped as closely as possible to sandwiches or sandwiches with meat fillings, and much, much more.

Here are five shoe creations inspired by food, costing millions of rupiah.

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1. Shoes to Order Pizza

Wow! These 5 Food-Inspired Shoes Price Reaches Millions of Rupiah Photo: Site News

Named The Pie Top II, these shoes were re-released to celebrate March Madness and celebrate Pizza Hut’s second year at the NCAA. March Madness is a men’s and women’s basketball tournament at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in America in 2018.

These sneakers, which have a sporty appearance, can not only be used for playing basketball, but also for ordering pizza and even being a TV remote. This is because the shoe has a Bluetooth device connected to the Pizza Hut app on your phone. As long as people order pizza, the other shoe will pause the TV screen so the game doesn’t miss a beat.

Pizza Hut also partners with several leading cable TV services. Such as Spectrum, DirecTV, Xfinity, Dish, and Fios so that these shoe devices can be connected to TV receivers. Even though this product is seasonal or only marketed for a limited time, many are selling these shoes online until now. The price range has now reached USD 357 (Rp 5.1 million).

2. Sandwich Shape Shoes

Wow!  These meat-filled sandwich-shaped shoes cost IDR 1.6 millionWow! These meat-filled sandwich-shaped shoes cost IDR 1.6 million Photo: Mirror UK

These unique meat-filled sandwich-shaped shoes are known as The Deli Sandwich Platform Sneakers. The concept is simple where shoes are made as close as possible to sandwiches.

The shape of the shoe is also adapted to the shape of the sandwich (loafers). To make it more realistic, these shoes are decorated with salami, lettuce, cheese and onions motifs made from vegan leather with 3D textures embossed on the surface.

From the first time this shoe was launched on Instagram, many people were curious to buy it. In fact, many people agree that these shoes are a must for fashion fans in 2022.

For the price, it is quite expensive for the size of a regular shoe, which is around £85 (Rp 1.6 million). These shoes are the latest product from the online clothing store Dolls Kill, which is famous for releasing a collection of strange and unique clothes and accessories.

3. Pineapple Skin Shoes

Wow!  These 5 Food-Inspired Shoes Price Reaches Millions of RupiahWow! These 5 Food-Inspired Shoes Price Reaches Millions of Rupiah Photo: Site News

Mercer Amsterdam is known as a manufacturer of exclusive shoes with a variety of unique and attractive designs. Mercer collaborated with Piñatex, a producer of natural leather made from pineapple, to create their newest sneaker or shoe product.

Almost all the materials used in these shoes are made from recycled materials consisting of pineapple leaves. Pineapple leaves removed from the pineapple harvest are then purchased from farmers in the Philippines.

This collection of pineapple shoes can be ordered online. Later the shoes will be sent directly from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The price range starts from €250 (Rp 4 million).

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