Wow! This Man Finds 60 Years Old McDonald’s Fries on Bathroom Wall


A man in the US found a unique thing while renovating his house. There were 60 year old McDonald’s (McD) fries tucked into the bathroom wall! Here’s the story.

Quoting The Sun (24/4/2022), the man who invented French fries it was named Rob from Illinois, United States (US). Via Reddit, he showed me 3 packs of fries that McD produced decades ago.

You can see that it is wrapped in a white paper bag with the McD logo, which is not what we know today. The logo is not the letter M, but the figure of a chef in the form of a cartoon.

Rob also pointed out that half the package still contained whole fries! His findings immediately made netizens commotion. Not a few of them were curious about the smell of the 60-year-old McD’s French fries.

Rob replied, the unique thing about these fries is that they don’t have any smell. « There are no traces of being eaten by rats either, » he said.

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So how did he find those 60-year-old French fries? It all started when he renovated the bathroom and kitchen of his house. « While removing the fixtures in the bathroom, I saw a piece of cloth caught behind the tape and pulled it out to show my wife, » explains Rob.

Rob found McDonald’s (McD) fries on the bathroom wall while remodeling it. Photo: Reddit via The Sun

The shape is in the form of lumps that have contents. When it was opened, then Rob knew that it was inside French fries McD.

The ‘old school’ McD logo features the taglines « I’m Faster » and « Custom-made Hamburgers. » After being searched by Newsweek media, McD packaging like this existed from 1955 to 1961.

This information seems to be reinforced by Rob’s statement about his house. « Our house was built in 1959, » says Rob. He also explained that his house was close to the McD location which was opened at that time.

Many netizens on Reddit were mesmerized by the invention of McD’s 60-year-old fries. Not a few also joked about Rob by saying he was now officially an archaeologist.

McD Burgers Stored For 24 YearsBurger McD stored for 24 years, its shape is still intact. Photo: TikTok @aly.sherb

Before Rob, there were several stories of people discovering a decades-old McD menu. One of them is the grandmother in the TikTok account @aly.sherb who deliberately kept the McD burger for 24 years before she opened it in 2020.

He bought it in 1996. The burger package comes with French fries and stored in a white box. It can be seen that the packaging and the contents of the menu are still intact, it’s just that they are dry.

« The bread never gets moldy, the meat doesn’t rot, and it never spoils, » the grandmother said in a TikTok video.

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