Wow! This tomato looks like a female genital


A tomato managed to seize attention because of its unique shape. If you pay attention to detail, this tomato has a shape like a female genitalia. Wow!

Tomato fruit is actually round or slightly oval with a bright red color. But there are also tomatoes that are unique in shape, such as the shape of a heart or the shape of a cube. But there is also a tomato shape that makes a commotion because it looks like a genital.

Reporting from Metro (15/4) a tomato managed to make many people laugh amused. This tomato has an anti-mainstream form and tends to be sensual. Yes, this tomato at first glance looks like a genital.

Tomato Shaped Female Genital Photo: Metro

This tomato was first discovered on a Marks and Spencer supermarket shelf. An employee found this tomato by accident while he was tidying tomatoes on a display shelf. The employee named Maxine Baker was gobsmacked when she saw these tomatoes.

Baker then took this tomato and showed it to the store security. When they saw this tomato, everyone laughed and said that it looks like a genital.

The 52-year-old said: “Oh my God, this is funny, it’s a unique tomato,” said the shop security guard.

While Baker explained that he accidentally found this unique tomato. “I was doing a quality check on the tomatoes on the display rack and I saw these tomatoes and picked them up,” Baker said.

He said he liked this tomato because whoever he showed this tomato shape would immediately laugh out loud. “I want to laugh when I see it. Everyone who sees these tomatoes laughs too,” Baker explained.

Because of their unique shape, Baker doesn’t put these tomatoes on shelves anymore. Instead, he brought the tomatoes home to show more people. He even stored these tomatoes in the freezer to keep them durable and not rot.

Baker, who has worked for 7 years at the supermarket, said he couldn’t believe he could find a tomato with such a unique shape.

“I don’t think anyone will buy it but I showed it to some of my colleagues and also my boss who found these tomatoes cute too.”

Tomato Shaped Female GenitalsTomato Shaped Female Genital Photo: Metro

Baker also said that he would not process these tomatoes into food because the shape is very unique and cute.

Not only tomatoes, previously also found fruit that grows with a sex-like shape. As in Indonesia, there is a pumpkin that looks like a male genitalia. It’s so unique that many people are scrambling to take pictures.

There are also chilies and jackfruit that look like male genitalia. This variety of fruit grows naturally and is not a product of genetic engineering.

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