Wow! This Woman Gets a Birthday Gift Bouquet Snack Car Pick Up


A user TikTok accidentally saw a bouquet delivery while on the road. Not a bouquet of roses, but a bouquet of snacks as much as one pick-up car.

Who doesn’t love getting a gift? Whatever the gift, if it is given by a special person and on a special day, it will definitely impress the recipient’s heart.

As told by a TikTok user with the account @nilamasyaw. Through her TikTok video, she shared her experience when she accidentally saw a gift delivery in the form of a bouquet.

If the bouquet usually contains roses, then this one contains a variety of snacks. Unmitigated, the bouquet of snacks was jumbo in size, so it was transported using a pick-up car.

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Women are given a gift in the form of a snack bouquet in a pick up car Photo: TikTok @nilamasyaw/@geamoore_id

« Who are you, ladies and gentlemen? lucky really get a snack bouquet as a pick up, » reads the caption in the video.

Confirmed by detikFood (08/04) Asya, the owner of the TikTok account, said that she saw her on the road in the Jetis area, Malang, East Java. At that time, he was looking for food and accidentally saw him.

« I was traveling to buy food in the Jetis area, which is near the Ghelasy direction, and there was a pickup car carrying the snack past, » he said when contacted by detikFood.

Furthermore, he shared that apparently the jumbo-sized bouquet of snacks was intended for Putri Aya, the owner of Geamoore, a beauty brand.

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Women are given a gift in the form of a snack bouquet as a pick-upWomen were given a gift in the form of a snack bouquet as a pick-up car for their birthday. Photo: TikTok @nilamasyaw/@geamoore_id

Through the TikTok video @geamoore_id, the recipient of the bouquet immediately gave a clarification. He said that the snack bouquet was given as a birthday present for him.

So many, the snacks in the bouquet have not even run out in two months. Even though there are snacks that are distributed.

Starting from chips, nuts, chocolate and various snacks with various flavors. « So this is a gift from one of the factories that owns Geamoore, » he wrote in the video.

The video was also widely commented on by netizens. « After opening the bucket, I immediately opened a shop, » wrote a netizen.

« I don’t know how I feel lucky and have never felt happy crying, » wrote another netizen.

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