You and He Have Different Love Languages, How To Deal With It?


Have you ever felt that you were not getting enough attention from your partner? Do not immediately stamp the insensitive him. It could be because your love language is different.

Differences in how to express love is a natural thing to happen. The most important thing is to try to communicate it so as not to trigger misunderstandings.

You have to start studying type love language partner, and understand what he really wants in a relationship. Come on. Check out tips for overcoming differences in love languages, as quoted from Bustle and She Knows!

1. Everyone’s love language is not the same and that’s only natural

Even though you have a different love language, it doesn’t mean you and he can’t be in a relationship, or that the relationship might not last. Because the main key to a lasting love relationship is compromise.

The first thing you have to instill in overcoming differences in love languages ​​is to accept that everyone’s love language is not always the same. The way a person expresses these feelings has been formed for a long time, and is influenced by many factors, ranging from parental upbringing, the environment, and his past.

2. Don’t Just Give Gestures, Say What You Need

Do you know, not a few couples who fail to understand? type love language each other, just because of communication problems? It is not only the couple’s responsibility to understand, but also to try to express what is really needed. Vice versa.

In this case it is also not enough to rely solely on cues or codes. Because he could not be able to catch the signal. Try to spend time with your partner to discuss each other’s needs. That way you can find a middle ground and the best solution for a more harmonious relationship.

3. Respect each other’s love language

Then, what is no less important for you and your partner is respecting each other’s love language. Because actually there is no right or wrong in the language of love. You just have your own way of loving and being loved.

Believe me, with this mutual understanding, this difference in love language can actually give a new color to your love journey with him.

4. Want to Learn the Love Language of Couples

Eits, just respect is not enough to establish a lasting and harmonious relationship. Because it takes a strong determination to understand the love language of a partner. You can start by figuring out the needs of each love language. That way, you and your partner both have the provisions to be able to make each other happy and treat each other better.

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