YouTuber Tasyi Athasyia’s story is often mistaken for incest to marry her own cousin


Tasya Farasya’s twin sister, Tasyi Athasyia some time ago seemed to reveal her love story with her husband, Syech Zaki. Through the YouTube account belonging to The Sungkars, Tasyi revealed that it turned out that she was married to her own cousin.

And after getting married, Tasyi has cut off communication with friends, friends, and even her own cousins. He admitted to being anti-social because he no longer hung out with his friends.

« I really don’t exist anymore, because after I got married, I’m a typical man like me and my wife, the door is locked. So it’s like I’m really ansos. It’s like it’s really just me and my husband, » said Tasyi in a YouTube video entitled ‘Hanging open at Tasyi Athasyia’s house!! The food is Rich Sultan!!!’.

Tasyi Athasyia and her husband Photo: YouTube Tasyi Athasyia

Although claiming to be married to her own cousin, Tasyi does not want to be called incest or incest. The YouTuber, who likes to share cooking content, likens his story to the story of the Prophet who also married his cousin.

« Eh, the Prophet’s son is also married to his cousin. Don’t say I’m incestuous, » said Tasyi.

Hearing Tasyi’s statement, Shireen Sungkar also said that most of his family was the same. It may even be that he and his older brother, Zaskia Sungkar, are not married to their own cousin.

« So it’s like this, in my family, the only one in my family who doesn’t marry his cousin, seems to be Kia, » explained Shireen.

Shireen explained that most of her father’s family were married to cousins. Not only families in Indonesia, those abroad are the same.

« I’ve been matched since childhood. Literally from the age of 2 years, » said Tasyi.

Shireen admitted that he also experienced the same thing. Only he refused. He did not want to marry an Arab. Hearing this, Tasyi immediately responded. Unlike Shireen, he really wanted to marry an Arab.

« I’m back again. Maybe it’s because I’ve been taught since I was little, » said Tasyi.

« Because my father is not married to an Arab, right. My father is not an Arab, » replied Shireen.

Shireen explained that the father never forced his children to marry Arabs. Tasyi also admitted the same, marrying an Arab man is purely her own desire.

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