30 Empathetic Condolences

Jakarta – Are there any grieving relatives? If you are afraid of being misunderstood when expressing your empathy, you can imitate the condolences below. Sometimes condolences that are too short can seem uncaring. However, if the condolences are too long, it also seems long-winded. For that, you need to give enough empathetic condolences. Still confused … Lire la suite

Museum of Future Dubai, Time Travel to the Year 2071

Dubai – The Museum of The Future Dubai is called the most beautiful museum in the world. So majestic, this destination seems to take tourists to the future. The museum which was just inaugurated last Tuesday has an interior that reflects the stunning beauty of the building’s facade. The curved ceiling is white with 3D … Lire la suite

Excellent! These 5 Tourist Villages Give A Unique Dating Experience With Your Partner

Jakarta – Romantic dates don’t just have to be done in fancy restaurants or well-known hotels. You can also feel a different experience on exciting dates with your partner by exploring the #DiIndonesiaAja tourist village which reflects the charm of #WonderfulIndonesia. Indonesia is a large archipelagic country that has a variety of attractions and exciting … Lire la suite

Jimin BTS’s Popularity Makes Korean Food Sales Rise Drastically

Jakarta – Jimin BTS again proves the effect of its popularity in the culinary field. He is reportedly able to make the sales of some Korean foods increase drastically. The popularity of BTS in the world makes this idol group always a hot topic on various occasions. Their music career is recognized as far as … Lire la suite