Jakarta is Trusted to Start Indonesia Patriots 2022 National Selection, Find the Best Basketball Talents

The Provincial Administrator of the All-Indonesian Basketball Association (Perbasi) DKI Jakarta is trusted to be the first host of the Indonesia Patriots 2022 National Selection (Selection) activity. Indonesia Patriots is a Basketball National Team consisting of the best talented young people in Indonesia who are specially trained and in the same way as the Indonesian … Read more

5 Tegal Tours Perfect for Healing on the Weekend

Tegal – Tegal could be the next traveler’s holiday destination in Central Java. Tegal tourism is very suitable for healing on the weekend. Come on, let’s go! Tegal tourism offers coolness that a traveler will not get in a big city. Many spots for healing here, can be with a partner or friends. Here are … Read more

Personality Test: The First Picture of a Dog or House You See?

Jakarta – Everyone has different and unique traits, characters, and personalities. It’s just that sometimes some people don’t really know and realize their personality. In order for you to get to know yourself better, you need to know your hidden personalities. There are many ways that you can reveal your personality, one of which is … Read more

Diultimatum Durant, Nets Owner Confirms Support for Nash

Brooklyn Nets OWNER Joe Tsai expressed his support for coach Steve Nash and General Manager Sean Marks, Tuesday (9/8) WIB, after reports of an ultimatum from Kevin Durant for Tasi to choose them or him. After reports surfaced in The Athletic describing Durant and Tasi’s encounter in London with Durant saying he refused to stay … Read more

Serena Williams Says She Wants To Grow Outside Tennis

SERENA Williams said she wanted to develop beyond tennis when announcing her retirement plans after her appearance at the 2022 US Open, which runs from August 29 to September 11. Williams released an article in the September issue of Vogue magazine which aired on Tuesday (9/8). In the article, the US tennis player wrote the … Read more

August 9 Zodiac Forecast: Virgo’s income is not smooth, Cancer prevents waste

Illustration of the zodiac forecast, August 9, 2022. Photo: Thinkstock Jakarta – The Sagittarius zodiac forecast don’t get used to taking action without adjusting to the existing budget conditions. Here’s your horoscope for today: Virgo horoscope: Fortune: No need to doubt and lack confidence in your own abilities, although not a few underestimate you, you … Read more