Something’s New at the Sukabumi City Square

Sukabumi – The integrated area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAlun-alun and Merdeka Square is getting more beautiful. Now there are culinary ranks and locally made MSME outlets. The food court and MSME outlets are named Titik Champion. This Champion Point makes the Merdeka Square area more colorful. Visitors who come can enjoy a variety of food offerings with … Read more

January 27 Zodiac Prediction: Gemini Evaluates Plans, Taurus Has Many Opportunities

Illustration of the zodiac forecast, January 27, 2022. Photo: Thinkstock Jakarta – Taurus zodiac predictions are okay to follow a friend’s invitation as long as it doesn’t interfere with your finances. How about your horoscope for today: Gemini Zodiac Forecast: Fortune: Everything is still uncertain, so be careful to determine your steps in the future, … Read more

Use Glue to Powder, These are 7 Tricks to Make Food in Ads Tempting

Jakarta – Do you often drool when you see food advertisements on television (TV) or magazines? The appearance of this food is indeed made as attractive as possible with trick confidential. Start using glue, cardboard, to talcum powder. Here’s the secret. Food styling or the art of decorating food is so needed in the process … Read more

Explore the Largest Chinatown in Solo

Solo – Ahead of Chinese New Year, the Chinatown village in Solo, Central Java, which is located in the Sudiroprajan Village, Jebres District, Solo, is lively. The Chinatown village is behind the Pasar Gede area. The Soerakarta Walking Tour Community together with Solo Societeit held an event to explore the Chinatown village as part of … Read more

Personality Test: The First Picture of a Male or Female Face You See?

Jakarta – Personality tests are one way to reveal your true character and traits. If you are still curious about your true nature and personality, then you can try this personality test. Although the results are not 100% relevant, but at least it can answer your curiosity. As quoted from News Collective, this personality test … Read more